…it is easy to see why this new salon is as fun as it is friendly. Ocala Magazine

Are you tired of the average corporate clip? Veteran stylist, Ellen Cuddy, has joined with her daughter, Kiera, to open a fun, full-service salon devoted to making guests look and feel outstanding.

The Plumage family comes together to offer: hair shaping, styling & coloring; clinical skin care, massage therapy, permanent makeup and much more. Be our guest at The Plumage Hair Company and walk out struttin’ your stuff.


Ready to look outstanding? Come in for a pre-design consultation, and we’ll match you with a designer package that’s perfect for you.

Starting at $37.
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Cuts, styles, and shapes, that put your best image forward. All of our ala carte services include basic styling.

Starting at $7.
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Imported European Products

You can’t get this in the store! We trust in the exclusive Framesi brand, a Milan-made product professionals swear by. The Plumage Hair Company uses Framesi to highlight your elegance. It’s simply fabulous!

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